Every year, a substantial amount of litter ends up in the Amsterdam canals, shores and IJ River. Amsterdam hosts around one million visitors per month. Considering the fact that this number is growing rapidly, it becomes increasingly important to keep our city clean. For this reason, Amsterdam Clean Water launched a promotional video about the importance of clean waters in Amsterdam.

The film follows a number of inhabitants who are actively and passionately involved in cleaning our canals. The purpose of the film is to make tourists, residents and shopkeepers aware of the large amount of litter that easily ends up in the water. The film is suitable to be shown in trams, buses and trains. Contact us if you are interested in screening the video for free.


Amsterdam Clean Water has been founded in September 2016 by the municipality of Amsterdam, Waternet, Port of Amsterdam, Plastic Soup Foundation, PlasticsEurope Nederland, NRK and Berenschot, as part of a large central ‘clean city’ project from the municipality of Amsterdam. It is a long-term program of 3 years targeted to bring structural change in waste management concerning the waters of Amsterdam. The goal of the program is to reduce the amount of litter that ends up in canals and the IJ River each year. Within the program, several activities and projects are organized each year to raise awareness and create structural solutions.